Simon Komlos

Simon Komlos

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Product, Design, Engineering, Marketing, Strategy

Zogo Logo (Acquired)

A financial literacy app that pays users to learn. Making finance fun, simple, and social.

  • 1.5 million total users
  • 30 million learning modules completed
  • 52,000 reviews (avg 4.8/5)
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Leoh New Tab Logo

Leoh New Tab (Acquired)

A fully customizable new tab extension that won Google's 'Best of 2015' chrome award.

  • 1.2 million total users
  • 435 million pageviews
  • 7,000 reviews (avg 4.85/5)
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Player Card Logo

Player Card (Acquired)

A sports tool allowing users to hover over athletes names to get their career statistics.

  • Grew to 20,000 active users
  • 3 million pageviews/month
  • 250 reviews (avg 4.96/5)
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Mochi Logo


A wholesome, social network focused on creating positive niche communities.

  • 25,000 users
  • 1 million posts
  • 1000 reviews (avg 4.95/5)
YouTube Channel Icon

YouTube Channel

Started at 12-years-old I created coding tutorials for Visual Basic 2008

  • 1,000 subscribers
  • 700,000 tutorial views
  • "The best way to learn is to teach"
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Take Homes Logo

Take Homes

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Chia Network Logo

Chia Network

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Spoken languages

English, German, French, learning Dutch